Sunday, July 1, 2012

Composite Mars sextile Neptune

You may have a feeling that you have come together to accomplish some higher spiritual mission, and that may indeed be the case. In any case, you will have a high standard to hold yourselves to when you take action and the work you participate in together will have special meaning to you. If this is a love affair, you may tend to elevate it past the point of common sexuality, which may seem too coarse to express the way you about yourselves. This may cause you to abandon sexual expressions entirely, or you may refine your sexuality so that it becomes a channel for your spiritual energy. In either case, yours will be a case beyond the ordinary. In general, the message of this aspect is tuning your energies up an octave to manifest yourselves on a higher plane. Because you will be forging ahead onto uncharted ground, you will have to keep your eyes open. There can be a fine line between inspiration and illusion, idealized achievement and pure fantasy. It will be well to stop occasionally and take stock not just of what you intend to do, but what your previous intentions have already achieved. As long as the trial behind you is palpable, there is a good chance you are on the right course, or at least on the one you believe that you're on. As when navigating at night or in patchy weather, you will need to learn the skills of dead reckoning.

Excerpt from "Composite Charts- The Astrology of Relationships" by John Townley


  1. YUP there is something strange going on with me and this guy. He liked me I think when he saw me.. he would never try anything in person but then started asking for naked pictures.. then we did have sex.. but it was short bc it was a bad time of day and going to work.. no time.. then .. he continues to see me text me etc etc every day.. but totally stopped to have any physical contact with me which is really completely confusing to me. It is beyond odd. He wants to see me, he wants to text me and communicate with me every day.. but when I see him.. he is staying away from me physically. Which I do not agree with at all.

  2. And yes.. he never got the pictures.